An Evolving PAUD Concept: Holistic and Integrative Growth in Children

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Eighty percent of the human brain development occurs during the early childhood years. Thus, this crucial period is prime time for instilling moral values, commendable habits, character traits and intelligence in fellow children. PAUD should be equipped to increase their capabilities in fulfilling the aforementioned duties, along with the help of philanthropic efforts and greater public awareness towards the need for a new direction in early childhood learning.

Experts have advocated the importance of early childhood growth as being holistic and integrative simultaneously. For starters, what is meant by these seemingly vague terminologies? Holistic learning: an all-rounded approach incorporating not only just the academic aspect of learning, but also honing various abilities in the aesthetic, leadership and other relevant domains. Integrative learning: A learning theory describing a movement towards integrated lessons helping students make connections across curricula and application towards their own personal lives.

It is crucial for the future leaders of Indonesia, our budding children, to be equipped with the necessary 21st century skillsets since young, through a holistic and integrative learning style that is enabled through play-based learning in PAUD. To exemplify, during certain play, children are required to work as a team, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. With teams, one would rise above the crowd with their confidence and enthusiasm, encouraging leadership. Among their peers, children are able to learn from one another through observation, unconsciously emulating positive attributes of their peers. Undoubtedly, when taught since young, children are able to incorporate these positive attributes in themselves more solidly, becoming a grounded foundation on which they would grow up to become respected citizens.

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