APC x Filantropi Indonesia – A joint event to disseminate the Education Giving Guide to more education actors in Indonesia

On 13 March 2018, APC in collaboration with Filantropi Indonesia (FI), socialized the findings of the Education Giving Guide to the members of FI. Taking place at EV Hive co-working space, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, the event was attended by 70 participants from various organizations, private sector CSRs, and foundations. To name a few: Indofood, British [...]

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Ruangbelajar for Teachers: A new collaboration effort by Ruangguru and Tanoto Foundation

On the Learning Innovation Summit in March 2018, Mr. Sihol Aritonang from the Tanoto Foundation and Ms. Stephanie Hardjo from Ruangguru explained their joint effort in creating a teacher training mobile application, Ruangbelajar for teacher. The platform improves teacher competency through curated videos and quizzes that were developed based on Tanoto Foundation’s teacher training modules. [...]

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School Visits to Djarum Foundation’s Supported Vocational Schools: Collaborative Learning for Catalytic Impact

Recently, a team of 20 came together in a small town called Kudus in Central Java. The group represented a diverse range of philanthropic and education-focused organisations including six foundations, a think tank, an ed-tech company, and the Indonesian Philanthropy Association (Filantropi Indonesia) There was a sense of empowerment in people of a similar mission [...]

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Djarum Foundation’s World-Class Vocational School Model in Kudus: Establishing the Unimaginable in a Village

Many philanthropic organisations and companies have been doing their part for the greater cause of improving Indonesia’s education system through their respective mandates and focus areas. However, how many of their measures have been a revolutionary game-changer? Through their Vocational School Transformation initiative, Djarum Foundation has strategically contextualised best practices of leading global institutions to [...]

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