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19 Education Sector Players Visit Garut with PeaceGen and Bakti Barito

Study visit participants from APC Indonesia affiliates and Filantropi Indonesia’s members pose with with local villagers at Desa Wisata Saung Ciburial, Sukalaksana Garut, West Java.           As Indonesia pursues a path of inclusive development in the modern age, two interrelated factors will play a key role in sustainably unlocking this archipelago’s [...]

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Visit to PINTAR Program by Tanoto Foundation

Conversation around improving school rarely excludes the issue of Teacher Quality - the strongest driver of education outcome. Recently, the topic School Leadership and Governance – the second strongest driver – has also sprung up with many programs, such as ISLI in India and Inspirasi in Indonesia, increasingly offering innovative approaches to improve the school [...]

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Roundtable on School Leadership: Exploring Ideas for INSPIRASI

By: Patrya Pratama, CEO of INSPIRASI School leadership is one important puzzle piece in ensuring quality education. With only 2 percent of teachers rated their principals as a competent motivator, 5 percent rated them as academically competent, and 8 percent as  competent leaders according the latest nationwide survey by ACDP in 2013, the challenge is [...]

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APC Visit to YUM’s Community Development Centre in Cipanas, West Java

By: Yolanda Utami Nilasari, Yayasan Usaha Mulia Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) recently hosted a visit from Asia Philanthropy Circle and like-minded education enthusiasts to our community development centre on December 12th. The aim of the visit was to show fellow practitioners a project that integrates education, health and community development activities based on the community’s [...]

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Interactive Map of Indonesia Education Interventions is officially launched

By: Patrick Compau, ReachOut Foundation APC Indonesia presented its new Interactive Map of Indonesia Education Interventions to the public for the first time at this year’s Indonesian Philanthropy Festival (FIFest) at the Jakarta Convention Center on November 17, 2018. The online map, a collaborative effort from APC members Bakti Barito Foundation, Djarum Foundation, ReachOut Foundation [...]

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Education Giving Guide partners Filantropi Indonesia’s Education Cluster

Filantropi Indonesia, the Indonesian association of philanthropy organizations, together with Tanoto Foundation established the Education Philanthropy Cluster that aimed at encouraging collaboration and coordination among the national education players. The platform focused on the acceleration of the adoption of SDGs, sharing of best practices, and advocacy of education issues. The Launch of the Education [...]

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Valorizing Knowledge in Education

By: Patricia Kandou, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) An array of efforts is being done by organizations and institutions in Indonesia to promote research-based knowledge on educational development. Data are collected on topics ranging from teacher competency and student motivation to school fees and accessibility. What more then, after the flow of useful data? [...]

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APC x Filantropi Indonesia – A joint event to disseminate the Education Giving Guide to more education actors in Indonesia

On 13 March 2018, APC in collaboration with Filantropi Indonesia (FI), socialized the findings of the Education Giving Guide to the members of FI. Taking place at EV Hive co-working space, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, the event was attended by 70 participants from various organizations, private sector CSRs, and foundations. To name a few: Indofood, British [...]

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Ruangbelajar for Teachers: A new collaboration effort by Ruangguru and Tanoto Foundation

On the Learning Innovation Summit in March 2018, Mr. Sihol Aritonang from the Tanoto Foundation and Ms. Stephanie Hardjo from Ruangguru explained their joint effort in creating a teacher training mobile application, Ruangbelajar for teacher. The platform improves teacher competency through curated videos and quizzes that were developed based on Tanoto Foundation’s teacher training modules. [...]

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School Visits to Djarum Foundation’s Supported Vocational Schools: Collaborative Learning for Catalytic Impact

Recently, a team of 20 came together in a small town called Kudus in Central Java. The group represented a diverse range of philanthropic and education-focused organisations including six foundations, a think tank, an ed-tech company, and the Indonesian Philanthropy Association (Filantropi Indonesia) There was a sense of empowerment in people of a similar mission [...]

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