An Evolving PAUD Concept: Holistic and Integrative Growth in Children

Eighty percent of the human brain development occurs during the early childhood years. Thus, this crucial period is prime time for instilling moral values, commendable habits, character traits and intelligence in fellow children. PAUD should be equipped to increase their capabilities in fulfilling the aforementioned duties, along with the help of philanthropic efforts and greater [...]

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Best practices in operating PAUD – tips from ReachOut Foundation

According to the Ministry of Education and Culture, the gross enrollment rate for Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Indonesia is at a historical high, reaching 70% in 2016. Currently, access to early learning is spread predominantly across private sector players and informal community-based settings.  The boost in ECE enrollment was achieved as the government’s initiative, One [...]

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Field visit to PAUD SuryaKasih at Rusun Komarudin, Cakung

Entering PAUD SuryaKasih at Rusun Komarudin, we were greeted by two signs at the door: “No Smoking” and “Don’t Litter.” Inside, everything was organized neatly. On our left, a children’s name tag board, shoe rack, and bag storage space signaled the presence of  67 unique personalities who made up this kindergarten class. On the wall [...]

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