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The philanthropic sector engaged in strengthening Indonesia’s education system is extremely broad and diverse, with thousands of concerned players including private foundations, multilateral donors, corporate social responsibility actors, social enterprises and educational technology providers. While their active engagement is welcome, more can be achieved if key stakeholders coordinate their initiatives more closely and prioritise their actions to focus on areas of transformational impact.

APC’s Interactive Map of Indonesia Education Interventions provides a geographical of philanthropic initiatives implemented for educational improvement in schools and learning centers nation-wide over the past ten years. Using this platform, organisations can explore existing initiatives, discover replicable models, identify possible gaps and redundancies, and connect with other organisations sharing similar interest areas. Our hope is that this process will pave the way for increased transparency, enhanced collaboration and more strategic action among philanthropic organisations in Indonesia.

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  • In the zoomed-out view, each yellow circle represents a province and contains the total number of schools supported by philanthropic interventions in that given province.
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  • Analysis of data presented in the charts below the live-map will adjust according to your search filters.
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Adjusting based on your selected search filters, the three charts below present simple descriptive data to provide an overview of the spread of philanthropic interventions across areas of programmatic focus, in different geographies and school levels, as well as their growth over time.

Feel free to modify the search filters to explore and compare the work of various philanthropic players, activity in different provinces, activity across different levels of education or programme areas




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